Report a Repair

Report a Repair


We deal with most repairs to your home and to the communal parts of the block and estate. Most of our repairs are done by our own team, although for specialist and some larger repairs we may use an outside contractor.

You can ask for a repair by telephoning us, coming to the office, by email or the contact form on this page.

When you call we will take the details of the repair and we will make an appointment for you. If the work is going to be done by a contractor they will contact you directly to make an appointment.

Out of Hours Repairs are dealt with by Lambeth Housing Management – (020) 7926- 6000

Repair Form

For other repair issues please see these useful contacts:

Gas central heating and hot water:

Smith & Byford on (0800) 0912140.

Pest control:

(020) 3177-1103.

Gas leaks:

National Gas Emergency Service on (0800) 111999.

Out of hours repairs:

Lambeth call centre on (020) 7926 6000 / 6666 (5.00 p.m. to 7.00 a.m.).

Loss of electricity:

UK Power Networks on (0800) 0280247 / (0333) 2022022.

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