Cottington Estate RMO Continuation Ballot Coming September 2018

4th June 2018

What is a Ballot? Every 5 years, all Tenant Management Organisations, need to hold an independent, confidential ballot to ask each of you if you would like our RMO to continue managing the homes, and communal areas you live in, on the Council’s behalf.

The ballot paper will be posted to you in September.

The ballot papers are anonymous therefore we cannot tell who voted a particular way. The ballot result is calculated with the majority answer from tenants and leaseholders who voted being the deciding factor.

If the majority vote is “Yes”, CCRMO will continue managing your homes and services for a further 5 years, which will mean a continuation of a local housing office, services being provided by staff members you know, local decisions being taken by local residents and the RMO continuing championing issues on your behalf.

However if the majority of residents vote “No”, then we will need to make plans to hand the management of the estate back to Lambeth Council.

This will mean big changes for every resident on this estate. The service will no longer be provided by CCRMO. You will have to report repairs and all other issues to Lambeth Council through their call centre.

Look out for more information around the estate and through your doors in the coming months or call the office for further information.

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