Community Garden

Community Garden

The Cottington Community Garden started in 2009 by residents Katie Robinson, Elizabeth Bull and Nicola Desmond who met at an estate General Meeting. They wanted somewhere the community could meet up, have social events, grow vegetables, fruit and herbs but also a garden which looked beautiful. After much planning and fundraising the community garden started physically in February 2010 with a small group of residents and some keen gardeners from around the wider community. It started with just 4 small growing beds. After raising more funds and lots of hard work by residents, volunteers and the wider community the garden now has 15 beds – a mixture of individual family beds and communal beds, a compost area, wildlife area, pond, 3 BBQs, apple tree orchard, hop farm and beautiful planting.

Generally there are afternoon communal gardening sessions every Thursday from 2pm to 5pm with our knowledgeable gardener Scott. The first Sunday of the month in the afternoon is our other session where you will usually find the Community Garden Committee having a catch up.

You will find people pottering around the garden at most times during the warmer months.

We always welcome new people to join in but also to just sit and enjoy the surroundings and relax.



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