Estate Cleaning & Maintenance

Estate Cleaning & Maintenance

Estate Cleaning and Grounds Maintenance

Cleaning Service

We aim to provide our residents with a consistent safe, clean and tidy environment, at all times. Our cleaning staff wear uniforms and are responsible for the general cleanliness of the estate. They have schedules of work to complete every day such as sweeping and mopping, litter picking and dealing with bulk and domestic refuse. We provide a cleaning service Monday to Friday between 8am to 5pm and Saturdays 8am to 12pm. We have a team of 3 caretakers and 1 supervisor who are responsible for the work and they each have blocks for which they are responsible.

  • Sweep and mop the ground floor entrances and lifts every working day.
  • Remove litter from entrances, stairwells and lifts every working day.
  • Sweep and mop stairs and landings and wipe down handrails every week.
  • Wipe down doors in communal areas and paint work to remove grime and dirt weekly.
  • Remove racist or abusive graffiti / fly posting within 24 hours and remove other graffiti / fly posting usually immediately, but certainly within 5 working days.
  • Pick up litter to outside areas of the block daily.

Estate Walkabouts

You are welcome to join the estate walkabouts on the 2nd Thursday of the month starting at 2pm from the office – see your notice board for details.

Your responsibilities as a resident:

  • Ensure that all rubbish is disposed of to the correct bins and not left on landings/pathways.
  • Treat all communal areas with respect and report anti-social behaviour.
  • Do not smoke in any communal areas.
  • If you intend to dispose of bulky items, please contact Lambeth Council.

If a specific site fails to meet our service standard we will highlight the cleaning elements that need more attention and endeavor to put steps in place to address any key concerns where possible.

Grounds Maintenance (Gardening)

The grounds maintenance service (e.g. cutting the grass, weeding and pruning) is completed by our caretaking team.

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