About our TMO

About our TMO

What is a TMO?

A Tenant Management Organisation (TMO) is an organisation set up under the UK Government’s Housing (Right to Manage) Regulations 1994, which allow residents of council housing or housing association homes in the UK to take over responsibility for the running of their homes.

Cottington Close TMC became a corporate body and annually elected a management committee to run the body. This body then entered into a formal legal contract with Lambeth, known as the Management Agreement.

The Management Agreement details precisely which services are managed by the TMO on behalf of the landlord. Our management include day-to-day repairs, allocations and lettings, tenancy management, cleaning and caretaking, and rent collection. The TMO’s operations are funded by the management fees payable by Lambeth under the agreement.

Cottington Close TMC changed its name to Cottington Close Resident Management Organisation (RMO) to encompass not just Lambeth Council tenants but leaseholders and other residents on the estate.

Our Mission Statement

‘To deliver excellent resident focused housing services and services that contributes to the invigoration and cohesion of our community’

Our Vision

‘A clean green and safe place we are proud to call home, with a thriving community where every voice counts’


1 Opal Street, 2nd Floor, Kennington, London SE11 4HZ

Meet the Staff Team

Marie Photiou– Interim Estate Manager
Email : mphotiou@lambeth.gov.uk
Telephone: (020) 7926-8294
Julie Fulgence – Housing Officer
Email: JFulgence@lambeth.gov.uk
Telephone: (020) 7926-8108
Kelly Baillie – Customer Service Manager
Email: kbaillie@lambeth.gov.uk
Telephone: (020) 7926 8105
David Whiting – Repairs Supervisor
Email: dwhiting@lambeth.gov.uk
Telephone: (020) 7926-7188

Estate Caretakers

Alan – Dumain Ct, Harfleur Ct, Falstaff Ct & Fontenoy Ct
Laurence – Ariel Ct, Brutus Ct & Adam Ct
Adam – Hamlet Ct, Portia Court & Isabella Ct

The Management Board

Management Board at Cottington Close RMO

We currently have 11 dedicated board members.

Board members can be council tenants, leaseholders or residents on the estate. Also the RMO can nominate co-opted members to the board. Co-opted members generally have a particular experience or specialism that will benefit the board and the community.

You do not need any specialist qualification or experience to become a board member and we particularly welcome residents from ethnic minority groups and young estate residents, since, at the present time, residents from these groups are under represented at board level.

Any training required by board members is provided free of charge.

Board Members for 2019 – 2020

Board Officers:

Mike Corney – Chair
Monifah Philip – Vice Chair
Nicola Desmond – Secretary
Mandy Meades – Treasurer

Board members:

Rene Thorpe
Anderson Vital
Sylvia Newman
Charlie Cridlan
Sofy Campana
Dawit Abraha



How do I join?

First you must be a shareholder and the cost is £1 for a lifetime membership to the RMO. The membership entitles you to a right to vote at the general meetings and to nominate/be nominated as a Board Member. Residents over 18 years old will need to complete their own form.

Shareholder forms are available at the office.

New boards are nominated and elected at the annual general meeting (AGM). You should fill in the nominee form sent with the AGM notice through your letterbox and then ask another resident or neighbour on the estate to nominate you by signing the paper. You must return the nomination form to the estate office for the attention of the secretary.

If you are not a Lambeth tenant or leaseholder but a resident you cannot be elected; instead, you may become a co-opted member.

Sub Committees

The RMO also operates quarterly subcommittees covering Finance, Events, HR & Maintenance. We especially would like residents with professional experience in these fields to join the sub committees.

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